Training at Elevate

    Elevate Training Center opened 3 years ago with the core principles of giving young athletes a unique opportunity to succeed on and off of the court. We have studied all of the classic and modern training techniques to incorporate them into our daily routine. Our training sessions last 50 minutes and include shooting, dribbling, passing and resistance training. We are constantly updating our set of drills and our sessions are never stagnated by repetition. 

    Training Sessions can be purchased HERE. 

    At Elevate, we believe in diversification of skill sets. We train athlete's to be complete and well rounded. We have invested heavily in the latest machinery. We are proud partners of the Dr. Dish shooting machine. This machine is available to rent in 30 minute or 50 minute intervals. Dr. Dish keeps tracks of makes and attempts. This allows you to track your progress, work on all areas of the court and get a lot of shots up in a short amount of time. 

    Dr. Dish rentals can be purchased HERE.

    Our latest training program launched in July 2020 with a unique partnership with the Vertimax training system. This is a cutting edge technique used by all pro athletes to maximize strength, speed and agility. We have separated this into a class of its own. Group classes are small and focuses on max gains for speed and physical power. Classes are held in 60 minute intervals and are currently being held on Saturdays starting at 2pm. 

    Take your game to another level and purchase Vertimax sessions HERE.